Drywall Services Ottawa

Your sense of style, Your Way

Professional drywall repair and upkeep are essential to keep your house looking fantastic. Our drywall experts have seen and repaired it all, whether you nicked the wall while moving furniture or need to conceal an ugly hole. Our drywall workers arrived on time and dressed professionally, eager to get well done. Ottawa handyman drywall repair service can fix drywall damage caused by:

  • settling cracks
  • moisture damage
  • drywall anchor holes
  • doorknob holes
  • throwing darts holes.

We’re not only going to fix what has to be fixed. We’ll also make efforts to determine why and how the drywall was damaged (a leaking roof or inadequate ventilation) and prevent the problem from recurring. If the drywall is damaged beyond repair, we can assist you with removing the damaged drywall and replacing it with new drywall.

Services for Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing is an art form. For a flawless paint job, fantastic finishing work is required. Our drywall finishing services meet all requirements for a consistent, professional look throughout your property.

Drywall Repair isn’t the only thing we do.

In situations where the drywall has been damaged due to insufficient ventilation, we may not only do the necessary repairs but also analyze the bathroom to see whether better ventilation is required. ACE can repair drywall, replace bathroom fans, and even re-paint the space!

Nearby Drywall Repair

If you need drywall repair or drywall finishers in your area, contact us to talk about your drywall job. Guaranteed, we’ll get the work done the first time correctly! And when we’re finished, the home will be cleaner than when we started. Our skilled drywall technicians will have your ceilings and walls looking new in no time. We believe in being on time, delivering consistent results, and never leaving a project site until the customer is pleased.

Master drywall application and drywall finishing are essential for a high-quality finished product. Our work includes everything from ordinary drywall installation to divider outlining, surface ejection, and much more.

Smooth, level surfaces are often sought for in the makeover industry, and although they may seem quite elegant and modern, they can also effectively reveal any defects if they aren’t done correctly. Odd shadows, such as those that appear when the surface isn’t mudded, taped, or sanded consistently, will quickly destroy any sense of smooth freshness and will unfortunately seem ratty and below average. Our attention to planning and precision ensures that your level divider or roof will have the faultless appearance you desire. Every one of the five typical degrees of drywall finishing quality is available from us.